Triskele Healing
I am a member of Hands on Training, a recognised organisation that offers courses registered with the CMA (Complementary Medical Association).

This fascinating therapy has gained popularity in recent years as we seek natural forms of healthcare. Ear Candling is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that is easy to perform and beneficial to receive. It is soothing and helpful for conditions experienced by many of us - such as headaches, compacted ear wax, sinus problems, tinnitus, pressure problems and much more. It is also a very relaxing therapy in its own right and helpful with the treatment of stress.

Course format:
♦ History of Ear Candling.
♦ How the ear candles work.
♦ Compare types of candles on the market.
♦ Benefits and contraindication.
♦ Anatomy of the ear and sinuses.
♦ Safety.
♦ Observe, carry out and receive a full treatment, including ear candling and a specialised massage sequence of the face, neck, scalp and ears (a full treatments lasts 45 minutes).
♦ Client consultation.
♦ Frequency of treatments.
♦ Final assessment.
♦ This course provides a professional qualification and is recognised for 5 CPD points.

Indian Head Massage is highly effective, convenient and one of the most popular therapies available today. A treatment includes massage of the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp, face and energy balancing. Clients are not required to undress and no special equipment is needed, making treatments accessible to many. A full treatment takes 30 minutes but in some circumstances (e.g. for corporate clients) 15 or 20 minute sessions are popular.

We offer a 3 day diploma course to ensure a high level of competency.

The syllabus includes:

♦ Specialised techniques, which can be done through clothes, include effleurage, friction, kneading, percussion, compression and pressure points. New massage skills are taught each day, plus time to refine and consolidate techniques.
♦ This includes history, contra-indications, benefits, headaches, stress, client consultation, the use of oils, chakra energy and study of the relevant anatomy.
♦ Following the 3 day course students are required to do 5 case studies (5 treatments each), a practical assessment and a multiple choice theory paper.

On this popular course you will learn a truly natural facial treatment, including cleanse, tone, warm compress, face pack and specialised massage sequence using plant based oils, creams, gels and aromatic waters. The products used contain no potentially harmful substances such as artificial preservatives or chemicals such as parabens or SLS and are readily available from several suppliers, or even your own kitchen (eg honey, avocado). The course fee includes a starter pack of products (some you will make on the course) so you can immediately start using your new skills.

Course format:
♦ Why use natural products?
♦ How Natural Facial works.
♦ Benefits and contraindications.
♦ Skin analysis
♦ Overview of products used - cleanser, aromatic waters, face packs, eye treatments, carrier oils, includes making a cleanser, eye gel and face pack.
♦ Observe, carry out and receive a full treatment including cleanse, tone, compress, face pack, and specialised massage of the face and neck.
♦ This course provides a professional qualification and is recognised for 5 CPD points.
Who is eligible to attend?
♦ The course is suitable for qualified therapists, eg those qualified in one or more of the following skills: Aromatherapy, Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, beauty therapy etc.